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Pareto | Direct Market Access

A low latency and stable DMA trading solution that provides Best Execution through Pareto Smart Order Router (SOR).


  • Send orders straight to the European & North American markets
  • Use any FIX-based trading system, e.g. Infront or Bloomberg EMSX
  • Best Execution through Pareto's Smart Order Router
  • Access a wide range of algorithms & order types

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Save time by sending orders straight to the markets.

You can easily manage your orders through Pareto's Direct Market Access (DMA) platform which gives you the possibility to send your orders straight to any of our markets. We cover most relevant markets in Europe as well as US and Canada. 

Get access to the market with our low latency and robust trading platform

You can easily add Pareto as broker destination in any FIX based trading system, such as Infront Pro and Bloomberg EMSX. From your trading system you will access multiple markets and pools of liquidity. With our market leading trading solution you will also access a wide range of order types and algorithms to make your trading easier and reliable. 

Ensure Best Execution with Pareto's Smart Order Router (SOR)

Pareto's advanced SOR will ensure Best Execution by sending orders to multiple venues simultanously and thereby receiving the best price in the market. By cooperating with the independent quant company Liquid Metrix we can easilly create TCA reports that show you Best Execution, reports that can also be passed on internally or to 3rd party.

Pareto provides you a MiFID II compliant solution.

Simplify your trading by using algorithms

Access a wide range of algorithms such as the frequently used VWAP, TWAP and POV that helps portion out your trades over a specific time frame or being a specific percentage of the total volume traded in the market in order to reduce your impact in the market. You will also access more sophisticated algorithms, such as dark- and liquidity seeking algorithms that will help you find volume in other lquidity pools outside the regular market. You can also chose to trade anonymously not displaying the broker you trade through.

For more details about our algo offering click here



Access ETF's from multiple markets and sources

At Pareto you will access a vast number of ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds) on multiple market places in Europe as well as in the US. In addition we also offer you the opportunity to trade ETF's directly with market makers. This can be very helpful as market volumes can sometimes be very low as the majority of the volume traded in European ETF's is done through market makers. Pareto access several market makers in order to provide you with the best price available and at the same time minimize impact on the price.  




Experienced Trading Desk

In addition to our DMA offering you can also leave our Trading Desk manual orders to work on your behalf should you not have the time or knowledge to trade it yourself. In some less liquid instruments it might make sense to leave Pareto the orders manually. We will then carefully trade them on your behalf, either in the market, or by finding the other side and do blocks outside the regular market. You can always ask for our opinion - we'd be happy to assist!


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Pareto Electronic Trading
Berzelii Park 9 
103 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 8 402 52 10
E-mail: trading.se@paretosec.com

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