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The company was founded in 2009 and has developed a revolutionary and ultra-thin solar cell technology which enables wireless charging of e.g. electronic consumer products, also in-doors. 

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Revolutionary technology

Exeger has developed a unique solar cell with revolutionary and market leading characteristics. The cells absorb energy from in-door lights as well as from indirect sunlight. The thin and flexible design enables a neat and simple integration in different units such as tablets and headphones. The factory is located in the centre of Stockholm with an annual capacity of roughly 300 000 sqm cells.

The company was awarded "Best of LIFE environment project" by the EU commission.

Through co-operations with producers of consumer electronics, Exeger develops self-charging products with endless life. This opens up for new functionality and end-user behaviour. Please learn more from this video to the right.

  • As long as there is light, the Exeger-integrated unit will self-charge (as well as in-doors as in indirect sunlight).
  • The more light, the more will the unit charge.

During 2019 Exeger entered a strategic partnership with SB Energy while its mother company, the Japanese tech giant SoftBank Group Corp., invested USD 10m in Exeger. SoftBank is the world's largest investment company within the tech sector.

Do you want to learn more about Exeger? Please visit their homepage.

The company recently launched the product line/concept Powerfoyle that combines the revolutionary Exeger-technology with modern design developed with product functionality and user behaviour in mind.

April 29th 2020 Exeger's Powerfoyle was awarded the Swedish Stora Designpriset 2020 with the motivation: 
”Powerfoyle revolutionizes consumer electronics with its solar cell technology based on artificial photosythesis that will charge from both indoor- and outdoor light and creates endless energy. The flexible design that can be shaped and adapted for the product it's integrated with opens up for a vast commercial success”. ​

Do you want to learn more about Powerfoyle? Visit their homepage

Trading in the unlisted share

Since March 2019 you can buy and sell unlisted shares in Exeger at Pareto Securities. All trading is manual and the commission paid reflects the manual work/admin spent in order to find buyers/sellers. Do you want to know more about the commission, please contact us on below contact details. 

Do you wish to place an order? Click on the yellow button above, send us an email (trading.se@paretosec.com) or call us at  +46 8 402 52 10.

Investing in unlisted shares brings an additional risk compared to listed shares as both the information available and liquidity in the shares can be very limited. The product is not appropriate for investors without good knowledge about capital markets. 


If you want to open an account at Pareto Securities - just give us a call or send us an email, contacts as per above.


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